Literary Orphans

ISSUE14: BB King

The Tavern Lantern

Letter from the Editor 14 3 min
Come Out and Play: A Conversation with xTx 8 min
Interview with Gillian McCain and Legs McNeil, authors of Dear Nobody 10 min
Tantra Bensko Reviews: A Dream of Horses and Other Stories by Aashish Kaul 8 min
Mac Walton critiques: “All That Is,” 2013 and “Solo Faces,” 1979 by James Salter 5 min
Impromptu Interview with Robert Vaughan, at A.W.P 2014 25 min audio
Central Washington State On Five Dollars A Day by Ray Nessly 5 min
A Piece of Cake by Jessica Groenendijk 8 min
A Conversation with Author Jay Shearer 10 min

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Featured Art

Charles Simms – Artist Profile 2 min
Mario Mencacci – Artist Profile 1 min

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Anna March’s Foundlings
Anna March's Foundlings is a column in each issue of Literary Orphans that is an exploration of who we are as we discover ourselves. It is an ongoing look at aspects of our identity. The column features author conversations and interviews, fiction, non-fiction, poetry and assorted other forms. Please click this link to learn more about it!

Anna writes:
It’s my honor this month to offer you work from Arielle Bernstein and Dion Lamb. Arielle’s story “Birthrights” is inspired fiction that is both timely and timeless. It deals directly with issues of identity on several levels, including gender, race and ethnicity. An earlier version of this story, then titled “Jerusalem”, was listed as a finalist in Glimmer Train's “Family Matters” contest. The two pieces by Dion are his first published pieces and it is a special thrill to be able to introduce a new voice to the world. Dion’s use of setting and sensory description is tremendous. His non-fiction pieces both explore formative moments and experiences in one person’s life and thereby teach us something about everyone’s life.

Birthrights by Arielle Bernstein 13 min
Following the Dead and Anti-Virus Software by Dion Lamb 12 min

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General Fiction

Caught Off Guard by Ben Tanzer 2 min
Flight of Desire by Diane Payne 2 min
Ensemble by Len Kuntz 10 min
It’s Not About That by Lindsay Miller 4 min
Mouths Full of Earth by Rebekah Bergman 7 min
Paddle/ Pedal/ Piddle by Robert Vaughan 1 min
That Isn’t My Cup of Coffee by Chad Greene 2 min
Family by Conor Miggan 2 min
Hunting Abraham by David Starnes 3 min
Because He Is by Dawn Bailey 3 min
A Good Night for Maali by Elizabeth Brown 2 min
What Needed Clearing by Jacob Guajardo 17 min
Glorious Nothing by Heather N. Rhodes-Johnson 2 min
Family by Marion de Booy Wentzien 1 min
Red Spring by Miriam Showalter 2 min
Inoculate by Nellie Aberdeen 6 min
Men at Work (#66-70) by Robert Laughlin 4 min
This Is What He Knows by Shaun Turner 2 min
Pancakes by Tony Press 4 min

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General Poetry

Three Poems by Jeremiah Walton 2 min
Immobile and Forgotten by Ashley Skolnekovich 1 min
Flames gnaw into her marrow [...] by Julia Tranchina 3 min
Three Poems by Chris Campanioni 2 min
Anatomy by Erin Cisney 1 min
Three Poems by Chris Crittenden 2 min
postcard from la finca by Art Heifetz 1 min
Two Poems by Chelsea Bayouth 4 min
Critique by James Valvis 1 min
Bloody Soup by Lucin Chukhadarian 1 min
Long Gone And Never Coming Back by Michael Gillan Maxwell 1 min
Two Poems by Michael O'Neill 1 min
Two Poems by Paul Tristram 4 min
Ode to La Fée by William Hoyle 1 min
Room 6: A Gallery of Thirsts by Peter Marra [STAFF] 2 min
Aqueasitte by Brittany Warren [STAFF] 1 min