Literary Orphans

ISSUE13: Blondie

The Tavern Lantern

Letter from the Editor 13, Mike Joyce 3 min
Fan Mail: a Note on Deborah Harry by Peter Marra 5 min
I Love You (in Color) by Spencer Pechart [FEATURED TEEN POEM] 1 min
Warts and All by Jessica Groenendijk 20 min
Motherhood Uncaged by Katie Perttunen 30 min

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Featured Art

Marina Ćorić – Artist Profile
Simona Capriani - Artist Profile
Ezra Letra – Artist Profile

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Anna March’s Foundlings
Anna March's Foundlings is a column in each issue of Literary Orphans that is an exploration of who we are as we discover ourselves. It is an ongoing look at aspects of our identity. The column features author conversations and interviews, fiction, non-fiction, poetry and assorted other forms. Please click this link to learn more about it!

Anna writes:
It's my pleasure this month in Anna March's Foundlings to offer a chapter from Antonia Crane's critically acclaimed new memoir, Spent. Cheryl Strayed, author of #1 New York Times Bestseller Wild, says, "Antonia Crane's writing is bold and beautiful and shimmering with light." I couldn't agree more--about both the writing and the woman. Enjoy this chapter--and please consider buying the book. It's tremendous and you'll be supporting indie publishing and a writer who does so much in service to the literary world--and the world at large.

Antonia Crane - Spent [EXCERPT] 7 min

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General Fiction

What Happened Near the Coop by Chad Benjamin Smith 12 min
I Used to Be a Paramedic [...] by Ron Riekki 7 min
In the Flesh by Gessy Alvarez 8 min
Palisades by Caitlin Corrigan 6 min
Coral-red by Helen McClory 3 min
When Mummy Returns by Angelica Recierdo 2 min
A Wave on the Ocean by Samantha Memi 7 min
Some Sobering Serendipity at Squib's by Samuel Vargo 4 min
Let's Play A Game by Jacqueline Doyle 3 min
Voice Check by Tim Millas 15 min
WDRV by Betty Scott 2 min
Lost in the Supermarket by Brian Smith 14 min
The Dinner Party by Christopher DeWan 1 min
The Boss by Jeremy Kniola 4 min
Canine Atonement by Ean Bevel 10 min
Bullet Bikes by Dawn Corrigan 4 min
Bodies by Chris Vola 19 min
Notes on Wrongdoings by Rachael Smart 4 min
Tooth by Remy Barnes Klein 19 min
Photographic Memory #5 by Hun Ohm 3 min
The Moth’s Sorrow by Scott Archer Jones 10 min
The Beech Tree by Emily Eckart 15 min
The Pit by Scott Waldyn [STAFF] 4 min

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General Poetry

dig deep, mimetic, solstice by Lauren Patterson 2 min
Three Poems by Bud Smith 3 min
Black Tie Affair +2 by Claudia Serea 2 min
Three Poems by Joseph Faria 1 min
A short biography of a happy girl in war by Narjes Azimi 1 min
Chernobyl’s Red Carpet by Marius Surleac 1 min
Parameters by Allison Grayhurst 1 min
On Another Rainy Day, Main Street +1 by Changming Yuan 1 min
Sentient by Shinjini Bhattacharjee 1 min
The National Suicide Hotline Changed Their Number [...] by Hannah Rucker 3 min
Kill Me I Must Be in Germany by Kenny Jakubas 3 min
Three Poems by Panika M. C. Dillon 1 min
Two Poems by Sean J Mahoney 3 min
The Art of Having Loss +2 by Carol Lynn Stevenson Grellas 2 min
Lust Plays Itself Out In Our Own Backyard by Peter Marra [STAFF] 2 min