Literary Orphans

ISSUE12: Swift (Ireland & the Irish)

The Tavern Lantern

A Note from Special Issue Editor, James Claffey 3min
All Apocalypses, Bitter and Sweet by René Ostberg [CNF] 20 min
Rain from the Dublin Bus by Anne Sand [CNF] 30 min
Penny Dreadful Magazine: Interview w/ John Keating and Marc O’Connell 5 min
Seamus Scanlon: An Interview 7 min
Pig and Potatoes by Gill Hoffs [ESSAY] 5 min
The Irish by Paul Jones [ESSAY] 11 min

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Featured Art

Sarah Hardy – Artist Profile
Zak Milofsky – Artist Profile
Lisa Griffin – Artist Profile
Dinty W. Moore – Artist Profile

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General Fiction

American Wake by Nuala Ní Chonchúir 3 min
The Hag Brings the Kerry Limbo Babies for a Happy Meal in Dublin
by Emer Martin
7 min
Dubstopia by June Caldwell 19 min
Agnes by Patricia Wallace 9 min
Porto by John Keating 3 min
The Vesta Kids by Mel Healy 5 min
Hatawa Hated Cats by Paul McGranaghan 9 min
Home is the Sailor, Home from the Sea by Paul McGranaghan 9 min
Snakes At His Feet by Teri Lee Kline 1 min
The Long Wet Grass by Seamus Scanlon [REPRINT] 2 min
Stupid Cow by Rozz Lewis 2 min
It’s not what good girls do by Rozz Lewis 2 min
I am Eight by Caroline Healy 8 min
Pills and Goon by EM Reapy 6 min
Skin by Kelly Creighton 12 min
Exile by RM Kealy 3 min
The Waitress by Eithne Reynolds 6 min
Collecting Debts by Tariq Joyce 12 min
Clive de Yarrog by Tariq Joyce 3 min
The Desire to Fly by Shauna Gilligan 5 min
A Date For Lar Gibbons by Karl MacDermott 7 min
A Day Unlike Any Other by Martin Malone 9 min
Coffins by Clodagh O'Brien 3 min
Honey by Sheila Armstrong 7 min
Symposium by Katie McDermott 8 min
The Call of the Sea by Steve Wade 9 min
Opportunity by Antain Mac Lochlainn 7 min
All that Thinking by Alison Wells 9 min
These Confidences by Steven Gowin 3 min
Winter Fiesta by Donal Hayes 4 min

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General Poetry

Flakes by Susan Tepper 1 min
2013 by Denise Pattison 1 min
Stick on Stone by Michael Gallagher 1 min
Six Poems by Carolyn Jess-Cooke 8 min
Handed Down by Mark Cassidy 1 min
The second husband by Afric McGlinchey 1 min
A Forty Year Old [...] by Patrick Toland 1 min
Crowleigh by Ariel 1 min
Katyń, 1940 & Two Other Poems by Dean Buckley 2 min
Three Irish Form Poems by Paul Brooke 2 min
Ah, Devon Unbowed by Tom Sheehan 15 min
Derryside Confessional and Two Other Poems by Tom Sheehan 6 min
The Uilleann Piper by Caroline O Connor Coyle 2 min