Literary Orphans

Issue 26: Shirley

The Tavern Lantern

ISSUE 26: Letter From The Editor 3 min
T.L. Sherwood Reviews “Hoopty Time Machines: fairy tales for grown ups”
by Christopher DeWan
3 min
An Imaginary Feast by Sarah Weaver 4 min
Images of Imphal: August, 2015 by Debarun Sarkar 2 min
Extinction by Alex Schumacher 5 min
Mind Canyon (Mind Cañon) by Edward Nugent 5 min

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Featured Art

Kaia Pieters - Featured Artist 4 min

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General Fiction

Memory Foam by Jay McAleer 8 min
Extraordinary by Benjamin Selesnick 3 min
Inside the Box by Kim Magowan 2 min
The Pursuit of Happiness by Kate Hodges 5 min
El Fenómeno del Niño by Nicolas Poynter 4 min
Gogurt by Shane Stricker 6 min
The Silent Minority by Paul Costa 4 min
Get Ugly by Andrea Arnold 3 min
Figure 16: Blueprints of the Teenage Girl & Associated Vocabulary
by Mary B. Sellers
3 min
The Cognomen Affair by Samuel Cole 5 min
Suburban Jungle by Nicholas Rys 2 min
The Journey by Andrew Bertaina 2 min
Bridges by Tabitha Wood 6 min
Afternoons at the Park by Alana Gautreau 2 min
Inside by Christie Wilson 3 min
Cows by Laurence Klinger 6 min
Welcome to Your New House! by Matt Ftacek 2 min
Styrofoam Dream by Frankie McMillan 2 min
Whoever They Were by Dan Malakin 1 min
Domestic Ghosts by Heather Price 2 min
Lottery Days by Jen Knox 1 min
TEEN SPIRIT: Peach Fuzz by Anna Soundappan 4 min

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General Poetry

Another Garage by Jada Yee 1 min
Lana Turner in Ascension by Rodd Whelpley 1 min
Parched by Nazifa Islam 1 min
Peony Red by Holly Walrath 1 min
Progeny by Gayle Newby 1 min
Notes on How a Woman's Frame Doesn't Break by Ashley Mares 1 min
Sarah Connor by Andrea Blythe 1 min
Vending Machine Dialectic by Andrew Hubbard 1 min
Pilot Light by Seth Jani 1 min
Porn Star by Antonia Alexandra Klimenko 2 min
Another Poem About the Moon by Charlotte Hamrick 1 min
The First Theory of Impermanence by Nate Maxson 1 min
The Storyteller by Joanna C Valente 1 min
Antoine by Adam Day 1 min
In Want of Decay by Amy Strauss Friedman 1 min
Room 27: Withdrawal Symptoms, Moist and Deadly by Peter Marra 1 min