Literary Orphans

Issue 25: Chicago

The Tavern Lantern

ISSUE 25: Letter From The Editor 5 min
ISSUE 25: Masthead 6 min
Monsters in the Driveway by Brett Blocker 5 min
Brittany Warren Reviews This Summer and That Summer by Sanjeev Sethi 2 min
Shadows by Sharon Gay 3 min
Brittany Warren Reviews Coffee House Lies by Carly Berg 3 min

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General Fiction

Bruxism by Alex Creece 3 min
Non-Stick by Jenn Stroud Rossmann 4 min
The Heap by Scott Lambridis 8 min
The Unexpected Power of a Witness by Rachel Yamshon 4 min
Greasy Spoon by Anton Rose 4 min
The Man I Used to Know by Wilfred Cabrera 2 min
Death Dance in Mandeville by Dennis Thompson 1 min
Everlasting Full by Jules Archer 6 min
Stone Fruit by Lara Ehrlich 2 min
Heat Shimmer by Allison Smith 1 min
Brotherly Love by Gay Degani 3 min
Something To Do With Horses by Randall Brown 3 min
The Wife of Burning Suns by Kenny Mooney 4 min
And Hadn't the Octopus Been Crying? by Doug Cornett 1 min
We, the Haphazardly by C.J. Nadeau 9 min
A Young Man Reflects by Catherine McNamara 1 min
Glass Half Empty by Marc Joan 1 min
Cheering Sugar Up by Devin Kelly 3 min
That Sweetness by Alex Dannemiller 1 min
Butcher Paper by Kat Gonso 2 min
Cruelty by Elias Lindert 8 min
TEEN SPIRIT: Gasoline by Lara Navarro 3 min

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General Poetry

Big Bang Cream Pie by D.G. Geis 1 min
There is No Way to Say Anything New About the Ocean by Erin Slaughter 1 min
Buffalo Wings by John Grochalski 1 min
When the world is dying alone………
by Narjes Azimi
2 min
A Fantasy for an Idle Mind by Wayne Scheer 2 min
Rapturous Chill by Ken Allan Dronsfield 1 min
Autumn's Symphony by Benjamin Polley 1 min
I AM by Jimmie Pennington 4 min
And the Truth is That by Cie Miraflor 1 min
Soma, Ganglia, Viscera by Connor Fieweger 1 min
Cannibal at the Counter by Colin Dodds 1 min
Dogs by Craig McNeely 3 min
Desert Saints by Aaron Wiegert 1 min
Monk's Dream by Lauren Hilger 1 min
TEEN SPIRIT: Twilight by Irene Vazquez 1 min