Literary Orphans

Issue 24: Audrey

The Tavern Lantern

ISSUE 24: Letter From The Editor 3 min
So…How Does it All End? AnTop Ten Lit Magazines You Should Know About,
but Maybe Don’t and that Would be a Serious Lack
by Meg Tuite
6 min
Ray Nessly Reviews Rift: Stories by Kathy Fish + Robert Vaughan 5 min
Ray Nessly Reviews 'The Unfinished World and Other Stories'
by Amber Sparks
4 min
Meg Tuite Interviews and Reviews Bud Smith: Author of 'I'm From
Electric Peak'
12 min
Fragile by Karen Stefano 18 min
Sparrow's Last Flight by Ronlyn Domingue 3 min
The Phantom by Rachel Toliver 5 min

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Featured Art

Marja van den Hurk – Artist Profile 3 min
Stephanie Ann – Artist Profile 1 min

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General Fiction

You're Strangely Beautiful by Eileen Merriman 1 min
Kitten Egg by James R. Gapinski 2 min
Rocking Chair Field by C.R. Beideman 7 min
Doll by Will Cordeiro 6 min
My Heart, Encased in Bone by Jeremy Bronaugh 2 min
How to Break an Engagement by Jennifer Marie Donahue 4 min
A Great Nation by Katie M. Flynn 7 min
Surrenders by Georgia Bellas 1 min
Cliffs by Kara Vernor 1 min
No Way to Run a Railroad by David S. Atkinson 6 min
Reaper in the Yew Hedge by Elizabeth Morton 1 min
Galileo by Sheila Arndt 7 min
Sincerely, Your Robot by Joseph Rakowski 3 min
Chew On It by Jason Walker 1 min
Shelf Space by K.C. Mead-Brewer 2 min
On Lesser Known Sexually Transmitted Diseases by Tasha Matsumoto 2 min
Stepfather by Ralph Uttaro 3 min
Keep it in Check by Carol LaHines 7 min
TEEN SPIRIT: Summer Suffocation by Bella Thompson-Lobb 1 min

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General Poetry

Nothing by Anthony Zick 1 min
The Passing of Ordinary Objects by Robert Crisp 1 min
One Year and Counting... by Michelle Watters 1 min
Despite His Better Judgment John Hammond Buys Heroin for Lady Day
by Benjamin Goluboff
1 min
À terre by Sarah Clayville 1 min
The Sun is Leaving the Hill Now: Four Poems by Joshua Preston 2 min
Sociopath by Olivia Wells 1 min
He by Jonathan Fischer 1 min
Lighthouse Keeper by Jonathan Louis Duckworth 1 min
Upon Arriving at the Gare du Nord by Sheila Arndt 1 min
Littlest Downpour by Stephanie Couey 1 min
TEEN SPIRIT: Red Sunset by Bella Thompson-Lobb 1 min
TEEN SPIRIT: Armistice by Farah Ghafoor 1 min