Literary Orphans

ISSUE 23: Grace

The Tavern Lantern

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Scotland & the Scottish edited by Gill Hoffs 2 min
ISSUE 23: Letter From The Editor 3 min
So…How Does it All End? And What Should I Bring? by Ray Nessly 5 min
Birthing Twins by Joanna Kadish 3 min
Top Ten Days of 2015 on 173rd Street by Bud Smith 5 min
T.L. Sherwood Interviews Christoper D. DiCicco 9 min
Rucksack Revolution: Forgiving Astral Valley (And Moving Forward) by Nobody Important 6 min
My Body by Lisa Kastner 8 min
The Trials of the Father by Robert Detman 2 min
Top 11 Characters I Fell for in 2015 by Beth Gilstrap 9 min
T.L. Sherwood Interviews Susan Tepper 7 min

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Featured Art

Menerva Tau – Artist Profile 1 min

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General Fiction

Bloom by Andrea Mendoza Perez 5 min
9/12 by Namrata Poddar 4 min
The Space Between Goes For Miles by Angel Luis Colón 2 min
Cosmopolite by Holly Teresa Baker 2 min
His Memories by Corey Farrenkopf 4 min
Smothered by Jean Gillingham 1 min
In the Dark World by Holly Walrath 1 min
The Driver by Kate Wisel 4 min
The Hag by Robert Hinderliter 3 min
In a Dark Wood by Emily Koon 5 min
The River by Amy Ward-Smith 2 min
First Mama, Papa and Arminta Anointed Me with Oil by Jan Stout 1 min
A List of Questions for My Grandmother by Jennifer Kircher Carr 3 min
Girlteeth #1 by Scherezade Siobhan 1 min
The Other Woman by Samantha Kennedy 5 min
Those Who Appear to the Peoples by Kenneth Nichols 1 min
The Butch Girl Will Choose Her Battles by Haley Fedor 1 min
Verified Purchase by Henry Presente 4 min
The Electrician by Ravi Venkataraman 3 min
A Taste for Eel by Marcus Pactor 2 min
FishBar by Christina Berke 8 min
Solvitur Ambulando by Lydia Swartz 4 min
Cassandra by Toti O'Brien 5 min
Movement by Andy Valentine 5 min
The Only New Orleans Earthquake by Edward G. Gauthier 3 min
No Safe Harbor by Penn Stewart 8 min
Superman's Last Flight by Kurt Baumeister 8 min
Tower of the Senses by John Flynn 6 min

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General Poetry

TEEN SPIRIT: Every Day a New Someone Laughs by Kayli Wren 1 min
The Contortionist has Damaged Taste Buds by Jennifer MacBain-Stephens 1 min
Hide Awake by Winston Plowes 1 min
TEEN SPIRIT: Tooth Decay by Martina Dominique Dansereau 1 min
Bodies #2 by Jaimie Eubanks 1 min
Satan Visits Queenie by Nikki Harlin 1 min
Sociopaths & Sluts by Rachelle Shepherd 1 min
Banned Lovemaps of the Explicit Woman by Peter Marra [STAFF] 3 min
Give Me Back What's Mine by Gabrielle Gilbert 2 min
Vivarium by Sarah Kathryn Moore 1 min
Teeth by M.C. St. John 1 min
Summer Storm by Stephanie V Sears 1 min
Party Waste by Neela Nandyal 1 min