Literary Orphans

ISSUE 22: Jane

The Tavern Lantern

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Scotland & the Scottish edited by Gill Hoffs 2 min
ISSUE 22: Letter From The Editor 3 min
The Fiddleback Archives: NOW LIVE 3 min
Minneapolis by Ashley Emiko 2 min
Ray Nessly Reviews ‘Miss Emily’ by Nuala O’Connor 3 min
Wealth and Charity in the Trump Tower by Erika Price 14 min
Meg Tuite Reviews ‘The Hunger of the Cheeky Sisters: Ten Tales’ by Laura Madeline Wiseman 7 min
Mike Joyce Interviews Danny Gardner 24 min
Never Enough Air by Sarah Sandman 2 min
Teri Lee Kline Interviews Dena Rash Guzman 19 min
Scott Waldyn Reviews ‘A Negro and an Ofay: The Tales of Elliot Caprice’ by Danny Gardner 3 min

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Featured Art

Barbara Florczyk – Artist Profile 3 min
Joanna Jankowska – Artist Profile 7 min

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General Fiction

Table Manners by Kevin Tosca 6 min
Details at Eleven by Kevin Lavey 7 min
Pre-Lennon by Alana Kosklin 1 min
The Girl With Bags Under Her Eyes by Peter Stavros 1 min
You Are Paper, Plastic, or Here by Amy Rossi 2 min
I Am 1 AM by Jonathan Duckworth 4 min
The Goddamn Amazon Here by A.S. Coomer 7 min
In the Heat by Catherine Edmunds 5 min
Clock Without Hands by Shoshauna Shy 1 min
Enormously Small by Kate LaDew 1 min
Sheetrock and Insulation by Bud Smith 5 min
Fat Cell by Shira Feder 5 min
Gentlemen by Hannah Lee Jones 2 min
Kid Stuff by Thomas Kearnes 5 min
Travels With Ivan by Jayne Martin 1 min
Three Feet Under by Larry Silberfein 7 min
Come Winter by Andrew Bertaina 2 min
Mama by Susan Lloy 1 min
Ad Infinitum by Ray Nessly 17 min
Butterfly by Tabitha Wood 8 min
Skins by Bree Barton 6 min
Sophiageist by Elias Keller 5 min
This Is Not a Dog Story by Sandra Ramos O'Briant 5 min
TEEN SPIRIT: Nuclear by Kayli Wren 2 min
The Depraved Ringmasters & Waking the Somnambulist by Paolo Cornacchia 5 min

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General Poetry

Confidences by Elizabeth Light 1 min
Of Those Last Days by Aaron Reeder 1 min
Twenty-Four Hour Chip by Devan Burton 1 min
Intercontinental by Mary Jean Murphy 1 min
Two Weeks and One Day by Jessie Janeshek 1 min
REM-Embering my LED by Jamal H. Iqbal/a> 1 min
Conversation With Self by Sanjeev Sethi 1 min
Eating Televisions by Catfish McDaris 1 min
The Printout by M. A. Istvan Jr. 2 min
Bang, Bang by Claire Ibarra 1 min
Ambush on the Florida Turnpike by Jonathan Duckworth 1 min
Headlines of a Lilliputian Life by Grant Tarbard 1 min
Two Pairs of Hands by Simon Mermelstein 1 min
* by Simon Perchik 1 min
Go Around One More Time by Elizabeth Brown 2 min
Seaside Sepulcher by Chelsea Rounsley 1 min
TEEN SPIRIT: Cacophony for the Growing by Ariella Carmell 1 min
Saturn Devouring His Son by Cathleen Chambless 1 min
Early Winter Haikus by Ray Nessly 1 min