Literary Orphans

Immobile and Forgotten by Ashley Skolnekovich

The thin slice of flesh flutters open, revealing the scene. White: Everything is white. A porcelain white cradles, a stone white rises, a plastered white surrounds. Only a few splotches of silver interrupts: The head, the spigot, the knob. Clear, yet with only a shadow of a color, almost jade, presses itself to the lip of the porcelain. None escapes, though it begs to… to topple over into little droplets and through the gap that offers a break in the gloom. But it stays, numbing further, pruning and wrinkling piteous skin because there is no movement. Stillness. Nothingness. A room devoid of anything, but whites interrupted by silvers, and jade-tinted water awaiting its freedom because you are immobile and forgotten.

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Ashley Skolnekovich is a current student at Full Sail University. She is expecting to receive a Bachelors Degree in Creative Writing for Entertainment in 2016. She then plans to continue her education for her Masters degree in Creative Writing MFA. Writing and storytelling has become, not just a hobby, but also a passion for Skolnekovich; she has been writing stories and poetry since she was a child. She dreams big about her writings and, while she’s never wished to be in the spotlight, she does want to share her visions with the world and bring them something to believe in. Skolnekovich lives with her husband in a suburb just outside of Pittsburgh and can be contacted at:


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–Art by Charles Simms