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Girl Pushed Off Bridge by William Miller


That day was like any day,

except she stood on a bridge,

looked over to see the river

swirling around black rocks.


Her best friend pushed her

from behind, and she fell–

too surprised to scream–

like a spinning leaf.


The doctor said she was lucky

to be alive; the police wanted

the facts–play or malice,

crime or not.


Nothing was the same after that–

she rarely touched her phone,

wanted to be alone or standing

on that bridge again,


pushed over and falling into

water that broke like glass.

She lost someone she never

wanted to find again—


a girl who breathed bad air,

didn’t know how to swim

upstream or down, thank

and forgive her best friend.


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William Miller‘s eighth collection of poetry, Lee Circle, was published by Shanti Arts Press this summer.  His poems have most recently appeared in The Anglican Theological Review, Crucible, Flint Hills Review and The Literary Nest.  He lives and writes in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

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–Art by Marcos Lomba