Literary Orphans

Enlarged to Show Detail by Andrea Jefferson

I’ve been shouting at strangers every night this week,

index fingers on the tip of accusation.

Return my sleep to me. You, with the hair store sundress,

vomit up my self-esteem.

I need it to write meaningless words

to women with “mixed” in their bios,

to my ex that loved me less when my voice


to explain to Mama after eighteen years

of hard-fried grease, Southern cooking,

I can’t stomach myself.

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Andrea Jefferson is a graduate from the Mississippi School of the Arts, a gold and seven-time silver key winner in the national Scholastics Art and Writing contest, and is a college freshman working toward an English degree. She has been published in “The Phoenix” and “What Can We Do for Our Country?”. In her spare time, she enjoys eating overpriced waffles and reading to avoid social interaction.  

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–Art by Magdalena Roeseler