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Dinty W. Moore – Artist Profile

dinty-sketchDinty W. Moore is a writer–and there’s a good chance most of you reading this already know that. To those that haven’t, yes, that’s really his name! Dinty’s very funny book  Between Panic and Desire, (named after two PA towns) has won the Grub Street Book Prize. He is known in the community as a great instructor of writing, and a great guy all around.

All this has gotten me very nostalgic, remembering a time when the only artwork featured in the magazines was taken by LO staff and a few writer-photographers contributors that were brave enough to enter the mix! Dinty’s works in this issue come from a trip to Ireland in 2011–and we can see his very particular and witty eye at work! Hell, looking at these photos is a lesson in writing all in it’s own!


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Please check out his personal website, here.

Don’t miss paying Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction either, where Dinty serves as Editor.