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Crack a Brew by Mick Kulp

First Quarter


Crack a brew and watch the game

Watch the game and scream and yell

Scream and yell and clap like hell

Crack a brew.

Or two.


Second Quarter


Grab the phone and tweet a verse

Tweet a verse reveal your life

Reveal your life too much strife

Grab the phone.

You’re grown.




Think a thought and read a book

Read a book and write some too

Write some too because it’s true

Think a thought.



Third Quarter


“Throw a flag,” you yell so loud

Yell so loud you wake the tot

Wake the tot your day is shot

Throw a flag.

You sag.


Fourth Quarter


The game is through your team lost

Your team lost the tot is grown

Tot is grown and on her own

Game is through.

You too?

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Mick Kulp is a writer and father of two mostly grown children who have survived his shenanigans through smarts they inherited from their mother.

His creative nonfiction, fiction, and poetry have appeared in consumer magazines, newspapers, and literary journals. His first book, Random Stones: A book of poetry, was published in 2016.

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