Literary Orphans

Chameleon by Scott Thomas Outlar

If you need a fire, I will burn this world to ash

If you seek entropy, I will fade away and disappear

If you are suffocating, I will be emergency resuscitation

If you need an ear to bend, I will lean in closer

If you want a lover, I will rip open my heart

If you are lowdown and out, I will be the high entering your veins

If you are sad, I will be a jester

If you are happy, I will dance beside you

If you are starving, I will be a blooming garden of fruit

If you are thirsty, I will be a vineyard of wine

If you are tired, I will be energy incarnate

If you are weak, I will drain my strength into you

If you are bleeding, I will be the bandage

If you are lonely, I will be an old friend returned

If you are confused, I will be clarity through the storm

If you are filthy, I will be a flood to wash over

If you are cold, I will be a fiery sun

If you are hot, I will be the winter cometh

If you are lost, I will be the rescue mission

If you cannot go any further, I will carry you to the finish line

If you cannot get going, I will be the gentle push

If you want sex, I will enter your womb

If you want death, I will arrive as black cancer

I am the chameleon

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Scott Thomas Outlar survived the chaos of both the fire and the flood…barely. Now he spends the hours flowing and fluxing with the tide of the Tao River while laughing at and/or weeping over life’s existential nature. His words have appeared in venues such as Harbinger Asylum, Dissident Voice, Oddball Magazine, Yellow Chair Review, and The Third Line. Links to his published work can be found on his blog


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–Art by Mustafa Dedeoğlu

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