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Bodies #2 by Jaimie Eubanks

This is simple geometry. This is about angles. You are a living, three dimensional graph. The vertical plane is an invisible rod. It runs from the floor between your evenly distributed, parallel feet, up through your middle and out the top of your head. The horizontal plane is not a rod, but a plate, slicing through your middle at the narrowest point. Glide along these planes. Move at angles; shift the torso forward and back. Embrace the fluidity of your spine: arch convex, bow concave, stand tall again. This is about angles. Your body is your mind, the world around you is your body.

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Jaimie Eubanks lives, works and writes in Minneapolis and Miami. Her work can be found in places such as Buried Letter Press,Thought Catalog, and Word Riot. To read more of Jaimie’s writing visit


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–Art by Menerva Tau

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