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Barbara Florczyk – Artist Profile

Barbara Forczyk by Michal Mozolewski

portrait by Michal Mozolewski


  1. What sparked your interest in photography, and when did you know you would pursue being an artist?
    Passion for photography and art I  carried from the family home. Since I can remember in our house were a lot of pictures and paintings. I could watch for hours  old photographs.  Breakthrough I think it was buying my  first digital  camera.  And so it began.  Being an artist arose itself. I did not plan that, it all come naturally.
  2. What other artists and art forms have influenced you and your work?
    It seems to me the painting in particular impressionism and surrealism is close to me. Certainly, the work of my favorite artist Beksinski had an influence on my artistic evolution.
  3. Can you describe your current artistic process, habits, techniques you have formed?  Before I sit down to the computer I make coffee or tea 🙂 I do not work according  to schemes, rather spontaneously. I usually start with a sketch, then tries to realize it in a graphics program. Creative processes appear and change during the work..  It is hard to explain.
  4. Is storytelling important in your photography?    Not necessarily. Not all my  arts  have  a hidden ideology or story.  Indeed  some are more sentimental or done under the influence  of stronger emotions. However, everyone can interpret my arts  as it wants, it can also tell the stories which are not there I do not impose anything.
  5. What are some of your favorite books, poems, authors?   It’s hard to mention my favorite book. In the past I liked fantasy books.  Present, in particular  cold winter evening I prefer  to  spend with the Scandinavian Crime book in my hand.
  6. Can you put into words the way you have evolved over time as a photographer?   I do not consider myself as a  photographer, maybe amateur photographer.  Every experience I gained, each work on even small project I finished had an impact on  my development  as a artist or photographer. Still has.
  7. Where do you turn for motivation and new sources of inspiration?   When I do not have the motivation or inspiration I go for a walk or to the gym. Such an activity purifies my mind .  Sometimes we do not see sources of inspiration,  We can derive inspiration from everyday life , beautiful world around us.  We don`t have to seek far away,  sometimes we just have to  look around .
  8. Discuss the role of community and gallery showings, etc to your growth as an artist.
    It seems to me that this is a very important role, the existence in this world of online arts. If I decide to Showcase my works that means I`m  prepared for a different reception. If my work arouses any emotions of the viewer , I am more than  happy . In my opinion even criticism, can be motivation. All opinions, interest, comments are precious to me.  More attention from audience, the greater chance of interesting projects in future.
  9.  What do you think is more important for your craft: passion,  dedication, or raw talent and can you elaborate on why?  According to me, the passion and dedication is more important than raw talent, because without passion you will never do  something sincere.  Talent is not all.  Without hard work and  passion we refer not much success. Without passion, we will be good but not the best.  You can not have everything at once?
  10. What is a project, or theme you are currently working on, or something that is currently taking your attention, that you are aiming to explore in your work?
    There are several projects I`m working on but In the near future I would like to focus on night photography, learn the techniques and finally do the proper night sky picture.



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