Literary Orphans

The Bad Girl by Lucy M Logsdon

Milan Vopálenský - photography

In sixth grade, we got in

trouble for something.

I can’t remember what.


The other girls cried,

and quivered, promised

they’d never do it again.


Their punishment: lines

of apologetic text.  I sneered;

I chose the quicker option.


Paddle me hard and fast.

The principal hefted the big

oak plank down.  He’d thought


I’d go the safer route.

But I had little patience, even then.

Just punish me–


so I can move on.  Next things

were much more interesting.

Broken boys, whiskey bottles, back seats.


I believed in muscling past the tepid

waters of small town life.

What I knew:  jump


into the fire, don’t stand around

waiting for the pot to boil.

Push your hand through


the glass; let your body hit

ground, your feet pound

the dirt, soil clumps flying.


Life came fast, a spring flood.

Reprimand halted my nature;

I had no time for interruptions.


Beat me, chastise me,

correct me, but don’t detain me.

I bent my little girl butt over.


It was the beginning of many bending

overs.  Eyes half-open. Breath

ready.  Body poised and tense.


Already I was learning the art of faked

acquiescence–to be the sly container, the shameless

receptacle.  Butter won’t melt in this mouth.

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Lucy M. Logsdon’s recent (or upcoming) publications include Heron Tree, Drafthorse Lit Journal, Poet Lore, Nimrod, The Southern Poetry Review, Literary Orphans, Sixfold, Gingerbread House Literary Magazine, Rose Red Review, Conclave: A Journal of Character, The Miscreant Magazine, Cross Poetry Review and Seventeen magazine. She has received a MacDowell Writing Colony fellowship and taught at The Frost Place. She received her MFA from Columbia University, and served as the Program Director at the National Book Awards. Currently, she teaches at Southeastern Illinois College. In her spare time, she raises chickens and ducks with her husband, and cares for various other aging critters.


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–Art by Milan Vopálenský & Esmahan Özkan

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