Literary Orphans

A Note on Tone,

Love is defined by some as purely a chemical reaction in the brain. Yet, others see something deeper and more spiritual in it, something meaningful and binding, akin to a shock of electricity discharged from the throes of something greater than ourselves. At Literary Orphans, we view love as a machination of man, as an artistic creation from the minds and hands of a body in tune with something powerful. It’s the sharing of information, experiences, beauty, and meaning. It’s the connection of one human to another in an impacting way.

In this rapidly changing world we’re apart of, walking around in the media-fueled, techno-jungle that vies desperately for our attention can create a disillusionment. We may find ourselves feeling disconnected and lost, orphaned from the realm of the consumer by our ravenous hunger to create something better than we can dream to be.

Yet, we are not truly alone in our journeys. All across the world, there are many like us, and Literary Orphans strives to be that tether between all of us, that sewing needle to bind those architects, so that we all may share with one another and grow. We’re a collective of unique and independent builders of dreams and worlds sharing our experiences with one another.

Let us combine our abilities and construct that orphanage. Let us strengthen our sanctuary and unleash a collaborative piece so daring that it can evolve the social imprint to something greater than we can imagine.

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