Literary Orphans

Animal Kingdom by Alicia Garrett

Pigs in suits count dollars,

Guzzle the finest filth from trophs

But never satisfied

With bloated guts,

Or heavy pockets,

Send wolves to huff and puff

On the shells of turtles

Demanding gold be strung from straw

Since the swine are so deprived

Turtles toss them breadcrumbs

And listen to grumbles

Resonate from hollow shells,

But blame sorrows on

Vibrant peacocks,

Desert camels,

And hairless dogs

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Alicia Garrett is a prose and fiction writer from a little-known pocket of the Ohio region. Her prior experience with Bowling Green State Universities Prairie Margins Staff, having given her a broad base and expanded appreciation of these writing forms.

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–Foreground Art by Steven Gray

–Background Art by Giuseppe Milo