When All Else Fails, Remember…


poem by Kateema Lee


1. When Dr. Seuss was Dr. Zeus,

you laughed at the gods when they trembled
when served green eggs and ham by mortals.

Heracles helped Horton with 12 labors,
and the Cat in the Hat borrowed
Nike’s wings to help
him catch Thing One and Thing Two.

Pandora’s box was filled
with the gifts the Grinch stole.

2. In Mr. McGregor’s garden,

carrots are land mines.

3. When the sidewalk ends,

forget about where, call Charlie Brown
or Linus. Alice knows how to fit in. Borrow
Cinderella’s shoes. When all else fails, don’t eat
the apple, remember to befriend a monster
named Carol, sleep with a night light,
flash light, and a purple crayon.