poem by Angie Mullen


Mars (marz) n. 1. A six-month trip, launchpad to landing,
having two moons, Dread and Fear. 2. A salt mine
in Hutchinson, Kansas. 3. God of war and agriculture.
4. On Mars you must bring the air you breathe,
sleeping bag and tent, camelback, iodine, hostility
and love. 5. At times, Mars takes the shape
of a red gravel blanket wrapped around a street lamp;
At times, a deer being dressed; At times, a basket
of raspberries. 6. see also cult of Negral. 7. Mars might be
the queen of bone, queen of flesh, queen of bone and flesh,
or queen of tongue and song. 8. Mars suffers
from recurring kidney stones. 9. Has a certification
in gemology. 10. Has vocal chords that can break glass,
and on more than one occasion won a singing competition.
11. Beliefs, see agnosticism. 12. Has been known to replay
videos of you dancing. 13. Has a picture of Yuri Gagarin
taped above her bed. 14. Resembles something incapable
of nurturing. 15. A ghost town, a creaking chair,
an unidentifiable shadow.