Formula #6


poem by Jordan Sanderson


Strike spectacular from the scene
in which you emerge from an attic
after making love to someone
you’ve never said a word to, someone
who has never said a word to you.
Fresh air and zinnias aren’t all that.
Have everyone you meet search you
for wounds. It’s likely they’ll ask you
to return the favor. FYI: rashes aren’t
really wounds. When you meditate,
chant the word cauterize. This is how
you will learn the value of desire, how
it alone can stop the bleeding. Donate
blood often as you can. Everyone likes
new blood. Bleed a little every day.
Bleed in public. Someone will see
your droplets of blood drying
on the sneeze guard. They’ll forget
all that talk and concede to themselves.
Never use turtle metaphorically, especially
in the early throes of a relationship.
You might come across as slow.
If you must speak, speak of things
you know nothing about. It’s the only way
to keep it interesting. Whatever you do,
be sure the denouement is silent.
Make sure everyone exits quietly.



Jordan Sanderson