Dear Poem


poem by Matthew Burnside


genesis words ≥ pointed words ≥ ambitious words ≥ get shit done words ≥ words that come with stock options ≥ going somewhere words ≥ vagrant words ≥ ambivalent words ≥ words without a cause ≥ words without a pot to shit in ≥ words that wear a monocle ≥ my what big words you have ≥ obviously thesaurus words ≥ sumptuous words ≥ dripping wet words ≥ words that swallow ≥ begin in the bedroom and end with three babies words ≥ old school words ≥ your mama’s words ≥ words that wear a cardigan and wipe their feet before stepping in the house words ≥ nonsense words ≥ a little freaky words ≥ words that collect their fingernails and toenails in separate piles words ≥ dirty words ≥ words that were made to suck on soap as children often words ≥ words that rhyme with buck and bunt ≥ shy words ≥ words that blush and stutter ≥ versatile words ≥ carry a Swiss Army knife words ≥ MacGyver words ≥ revolutionary words ≥ subvert the system from the inside words ≥ words that say Solid! ≥ proletariat words ≥ humble words ≥ words that never reach retirement ≥ hoity toity words ≥ bourgeois words ≥ words that do Pilates ≥ words that own poodles ≥ industrial words ≥ manifest destiny words ≥ tear down parks to build parking lots words ≥ words that build worlds ≥ holy words ≥ last words ≥ no words



Matthew Burnside