American Analogue


poem by Adam Day


States one thing and means
another or says one thing

and enacts it impolitely.
Is difficulty pretending

nothing more. The scene
repeating itself. Forty feet

of woman stepping down
from a billboard to offer

on the one hand permission,
forgiveness, sex, and milk,

on the other to torment
the puritanical teen,

a one-man vice squad
waving his puny umbrella

against those mighty breasts.
A waterfall that dreams

it is a toy and the student
who takes it at its word.

Lacks a fundamental idea…
though its elusive realism

is amusing. Theorizes
outdated ideas on human

solitude, as though history
were over and the student

and his lover simply left
to linger like motes of light

in a field, people and things
increasingly out of place.



Adam Day