“Young Man Apologizing to a Room Full of Strangers” +1 by Colin James

Categories: ISSUE 03: Edgar

Young Man Apologizing to a Room Full of Strangers
At the bottom of my foot there is a hole.
Cross hairs cover its Catholicism.
Quaint isn’t The Word.
Consider this question,
are sneakers a suitable representation of angst?

All that jumping into denial.
Footwear we owe you everything.
I myself, am most vulnerable at mid-step
or in the more obvious short term,
about to put a foot down.
Fraught arguments invariably occur.
Keep it. There is no stair there.

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The Friendless Facilitator
The golden shower curtain
was on the ninth floor
of a government time-share.
Nonsense, I don’t look a day over fifty.
I took the burglary job
so I could sell my acronym, D.E.S.K.
Demolition, Espionage, Sabotage, Kix.
This might require some publicity.
The shower curtain would be my cul-de-sac.
I successfully negotiated its removal
and descended floor by floor
stopping occasionally to listen for
guardian pigeons, eventually recalling it was October.
A large truck pulled up just as
I reached ground level. The driver
was director Bob who had offered
to disguise the golden shower curtain
in one of his productions formally,
as a serious but not overbearing back-drop.
A minimalist’s mural. My job now
was not to notice.

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