“The Spanking Experiment” and Two Other Poems by Nicolette Wong

Categories: ISSUE 02: Billie

The Spanking Experiment
Spank charcoal on page the dictators the mystics the tomato ketchup emperor. Each scream round a gloved hand pierces jigsaw text for skirt. Not the woman with a giant spatula. Not the ghost-man in vase. Fairy whore on rope swing How to Hang Yourself From a Tree. Music paddle shreds. Cornflake girl athletes push circle chain topless. Laugh paddle shreds. Off margin the empress a beetle in string. Dance to cross anthem wrong refuge for all. Down moaning scars fumes. Off page a prized dog. Off ladder a masked harbinger. Play, petaled trumpet. Flank corner void.


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The Firing Squad
Bird beaks ammo into lovers Go Square! Go flags statues on a dead man bench. Flit cars massacre. Drop neon night’s burlesque the city’s eyeliner. Paint squad flutist gunshot tunes. Gunshots weave no innocence in domes. Child emperor vaunts cock wardrobe bounded women fall. Drum breasts ripples country soil. What heads hollows. What trails fathoms. Smoke branch applause stream turpentine. The cast by sea. The hymn foams rise. Paintball aliens dart silent dwarfs. Gold wigs march aluminum. Aim true rider.


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The Dollhouse Cunts
Dolls glide sea of bulging eyes to flip pages in corner. Come chained baby. Tick clocks photos gush floral walls. Mirrored slaves in rock chorus. Wash curves glitter wigs protrude. Rub cunt porcelain. Rub cunt masquerade hat. Brace the house shot glassy eyes brûlée. Pingpong child emperor’s troop shovel. How her cunt sears scarecrow trail battalion. Day’s a dead man net white scores. Pop. Wild field blazes. Swing enemies coy.


Poems by Nicolette Wong
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