“My World Starts With HTTP://” and “Settling In” by Emily Smith-Miller

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My World Starts With HTTP://
you’ve got it all wrong
im only playing favorites now
playing with privates now
playing pretend
we’re so happy in fantasy
illusion and mystery
where’s the man behind the curtain
where is my reality
fallen by the wayside
by the wayward whores
fucking wires and transmissions
cunts and fucks
and its all right if i bleed into
a circuit board
feel my life slipping
artificial intelligence
pixels and the playboy
we used to love magazines
now we love the porno scenes
the homemade movies
webcam beauties
she takes it off
we all laugh
does you’re mother know what you do in that room
so young, so sweet so demented and vibrated
crawling on your knees
wish it was the striptease stage
they’ve got talent
honest addiction and an ass clap
learning to live through screens
what is a window
where is the sun
i see distortion
i can change the color of my world
like this
you go away with a
i get off with a

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Settling In
i guess you know something about me
we both have skylines on our arms
and even though buildings in yours
cast a different shadow
sometimes i feel they look like mine
i still wake up hungover drunk
to look at myself naked in the mirror
to stare at the curves of my aging body
so wreckless and wrecked
but beautiful
i wonder if you see me beautiful too
if we arent just an inner space cavern
doomed to the dark days ahead
with our clock in out jobs
logging hours like a prison sentence
we wonder what we ever deserved in this world
crazy kids in a muscle car
never feeling real
stereo on with the bass up and we vibrate to a future
our crystal ball is telling us we dont belong in
the what ifs crashing my party
keeping me awake
i will dream about it
i still get to dream about you
even if we are nothing more than semi colons
on a page that is running ink
even if you are just a figment
of my fucking imagination
even if i settle like i settle and then break apart

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