“leftovers/the ones who came before” by Anna March

Categories: ISSUE 02: Billie

leftovers/the ones who came before
the first one left
sprayed semen
inside of me
too young to know better

the fifth one left
his frayed tee shirt on my bed
he wouldn’t speak to me but
it painted my shoulders for 8 long months

the sixth one took
it off me, slowly
just before he
fucked me (too) fast

the nineteenth one left
a baby in me
we are still friends we don’t discuss the procedure
not never

the forty-first one left bruises
but sexy ones
on my inner thighs, my naked wrists
sometimes, i’ve learned, I like it like that

you were yesterday
the millionth one
and the first one
and the last one

what will you leave
what will you take

Poem by Anna March
Background and foreground photos by Eleanor Leonne BennettNike Sneakers | Nike Off-White