“Dances” by Neila Mezynski

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Wall of ill repute she descend, Sit up tall floor dweller , metallic smile, raise ribs, epitome of gracious. Don’t mind if I do.

Monkey on back dragged put place in unbecoming light himself, even if she come to watch, good to be there to help. Have another . Then.

Dress low hip wide swish skirt. Hand on breast, won ‘t look seem. Careful foot place on floor then next. Toe ball heel. Maybe he will or won’t. Look.

Not so much a fare thee well, going boy, keep from running. After. Arm overhead one last time. Smile. Don’t. Go.

The Observer
One leg out, trip stop see, better for worse. Get your kick, 66. Walk on bye. Easy to look out than in.

The Couple I
Tongue sharp, raw, go to your corner wait for bell. Snarl, kiss, glue. Do it again. Only want each other to play, with.

Couple II
Hardly sit still so much to do. They did. Anything, envelope open see smell rose. Almost.

Couple III
Hardly know other is there except when plate is on empty want now. Couple kids is all you need, throw in two kittys white picket fence barn out back.

Handsome Boy
Empty face, eyes don’t know care , .look at me that’s all you need . Pretty.

Jazz Girls
They’ll share him at night when they can’t see or mind. More.

Side by side until they weren’t. Side by side they will until. He comes in between. Tooth ‘n nail.

Silver Belle
Careful foot touch tap don’t rush might fall into something pleasant then be different. Swashbuckly.

Orange Trio
Decide which one you like. Stuck in the kitchen with both. Bad omen. No dinner.

Silk rustle sheen. Slide over under. Skin. Stay on, beat. Nice rhythm.

Black Dress I
Floppy hands feet, lower jaw too far, run. Might brush the ground you’ll trip. Woebegone, feel sorry. Yourself.

Black Dress II
Stir the pot make a stew out of you. All worked up no place to go. Hands on head ears mouth. Don’t. Scream. Bad choice. Gave him up.

The Soldier.
Close to the vest the marcher does. Stomp enough will talk himself into. Forget. Can’t, might explode.

Preachers Wife
Sipping tea knees together . Tight hair. They’ll leave soon.

The Bride
Wait so long. Told her look to herself he would come, she look in. No one home. She go out. Play. He did. Come. No one home. He said.

Bag lady
Fending, life and limb. Could be different, bad choice bad hair . Long day.

[The pieces “Jazz Girls” and “Handsome Boy” from this poetry collection, Dances, appeared first in Skive Magazine.]

Poem collection by Neila Mezynski

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